Friday, July 24, 2015

Novena to Restore the Foundation and Pillar of the Family; Men and Fathers

A dear friend wrote this novena.  It is so beautiful and profound I wanted to share it with you, and I ask you to please join us in praying for the healing and restoration of fatherhood and families.  

She writes: 
With all the assaults against the family which is the foundation of humanity; we are called to join in prayer, asking the intercession of the pillar and model of the human family. We look to St. Joseph and the Holy Family.  Please join in praying this novena to correct the many disorders tearing apart families in this hour of great distress.  Share and have others join.

Novena to St. Joseph; Husband of Mary, Earthly Father of Jesus
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"Dearest St. Joseph; Husband of Mary, Earthly Father of Jesus;
You are a model of devotion, fidelity, holiness, and fatherhood.  Our model of the family of Christ, we call upon you to intercede for all men.  Men who have lost their sense of duty to family, devotion to their spouse, their role as the spiritual godhead of the family.  Men who no longer defend or protect their family.  Please pray that men will cherish their wives and and place the value and sacredness of marriage and family in the way God designed it.  Intercede to help them restore their great duty to be prayerful, spiritual heads and guardians of their families.  Pray that they will return to a state of humility and purity, honoring their wives without taking them for granted.  

Pray that men will rediscover ways to create unity and peace in their homes.  St. Joseph, tender spouse of Mary, you kept your household a place of holiness and sanctuary.  Many homes now lack this.  Pray for our homes to be specially protected from demonic influence.  Show us how to make our homes holy and good, where we are always free to honor and love God.  

St. Joseph, you know that rejection and exclusion destroys intimacy in the marital bonds that God created.  Ask Jesus to help heal this disorder, which has created tragic consequences and led to the dissolving of many marriages. May men respect their wives again, show them great healing love, devotion and dignity. Help couples and families forgive one another, bringing forth new life and healing to old wounds.  Help us all to accept faults and failings in ourselves as well as others, in true charity and love.  

St. Joseph, for families who are fatherless, and the husband is gone - either from abandonment, divorce, sexual confusion, death or addiction, we ask that you personally guard and direct them always to the sanctuary of Our Father in Heaven.  

Dear Father in Heaven, the Father of every created human being, there is no greater Father than you.  We place every family and marriage in your Holy Hands and within Your heart. May every fatherless home have the favor of Your Almighty and powerful Fatherhood, the the tenderness of Your Love; to nurture, fortify, guide, and protect.

For the families destroyed and marred by the evil of pornography, please pour forth Your Holy Spirit and powerfully heal renew and repair all damage and disorder.  We pray Jesus will deliver humanity from this horrific blight of evil which feeds into so many other sexual sins.  We know that abortion, homosexuality and contraception have stemmed from and is connected to this, so we pray for these evils to be crushed out and delivered from the earth forever.

In a special way, we ask for the sexually confused to be healed.  That the attack on the splendor of sexual identity and marriage, which is so under attack in this hour of history, be healed and restored, so that all may see that God Father makes no mistakes.  May it be revealed and understood that Our Father has a powerful destiny, manifested in the sacredness of the sexual identity of every human being; and their path to heaven is rooted in living out their vocation within the order of creation that He set forth upon each individual when they were created.  May each of those suffering with sexual disorders, discover the mystery and splendor of their true sexual identity and be blessed with joy, for living as God intended. 

St. Joseph, we know that when the family, the domestic church, has been restored; society, and the universal church will be restored!  Families will again be strong and magnificent!  St. Joseph, model of family love, hear our prayer."

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