The Rosary is talked about in almost every Consecration article as well as in each day of the Medjugorje Anniversary Novena and within most posts on Medjugorje as praying the rosary is an essential part of each of these. 

But these posts speak of the Rosary directly and specifically:

The Miracles and the Power of the Rosary in Our Fight Against Evil

Invitation to Join "Storm Heaven with Prayer"

The Truth of the Rosary

I've never prayed the Rosary before. How Do I Pray It?

The Rosary - Wrapped in the Arms of Mary

The Miraculous Power of the Eucharist and Prayer in our Fight Against Evil


Our Lady of the Rosary - Mary's appearances at Fatima:

Happy 99th Anniversary of the Great Miracle of the Sun

An Amazing Thing Happened 100 Years Ago Today! But Are We Responding?

God Works Miracles! He Manifests His Power and Mercy by Sending us His Mother at Fatima 


Our Lady of Sorrows - The 7 Dolors Rosary:

May We Draw Near to Our Sorrowful Mother

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  1. thank you for putting the mess in the world in our Blessed Lord's hands. And with St. Joseph we can make it and survive well.