Wednesday, June 28, 2023

How Moving to consider Mary in her Different Apparitions - Zeitun Egypt

Mary is so amazing and such a gracious Mother!
It is so moving to consider her different apparitions! 
How grateful I am that she never ceases to intercede for us, her children...
Especially in these times of such great evil, sin and darkness, she tirelessly reaches out to us from heaven to help us know she [and therefore, God!] is present with us.
These videos share the fascinating account of Our Mother coming to Zeitun, Egypt from April 2, 1968-May 29, 1971. 
Interestingly, tradition in Egypt reveals that Zeitun was one of the places the Holy Family rested at during their Flight into Egypt to save the infant Jesus from Herod's wrath and jealousy.

See this Overview of the Apparitions:
In these approved apparitions, Mary appeared often over the course of 3 years! Sometimes coming a few times a week - with some of the apparitions lasting just a few minutes and others lasting up to 9 hours!
Some reports mention that up to a million people witnessed her apparitions - this included persons from all faiths and walks of life
- with crowds reaching up to 250,000 at a time!!!
Watch to see the many authentically validated photographs that were taken of her over the course of these years (and the luminous doves that would sometime appear with her at night)!
The Coptic Orthodox Church studied and approved these apparitions, and the Catholic Church has accepted their study and conclusions.
Our Lady of Zeitun, Egypt, pray for us! May the signs and wonders that you show us enliven us to ever greater faith and charity - so that we may choose ever more fervently to answer your call to pray, to repent and to believe - and so help you to save your fallen children throughout the world!