Friday, May 14, 2021



We are in the midst of the nine holy days between the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven and the Holy Spirit pouring forth at Pentecost - when we gather together with Mary and the disciples in prayer and praise awaiting the "Promise of the Father"!


The Church asks us to pray this First Novena of the Church again each year

- begging the Holy Spirit to fall afresh upon us –

to pour out upon us His Fire of Love and

His seven fold gifts to renew the face of the earth!


We can follow pre-prescribed prayers written out for us or I invite you this year to join me in praying these nine days from our hearts

- lifting up our minds and hearts in supplication –

offering up everything we have and are as a prayer

begging the Spirit to come down in Power and Might to renew us in these times of such sin and darkness!


We need supernatural intervention! We need a fresh outpouring of grace! 


This is the prayer that came to me in adoration yesterday. I felt called to share this with you.

Feel free to pray this with me or pray your own of the heart for the following nine days:


Come, O Holy Spirit, Come!

We offer You, O Lord, every word, work, joy and suffering,

every struggle or temptation, every pain, every laughter

as a prayer going up to You, O God! 


Begging You to send forth the Holy Spirit upon us again as a Second Pentecost so that

the foundations of our world shake FREE FROM

fear, sin and evil

A mighty wind roars and cleanses us

of sickness, divisions and lies and

tongues of fire alight upon us

so that our hearts and minds, wills and actions are only filled with You, O Lord - with Your Truth and Your Life!  

Come, Holy Spirit!

Come and renew the Face of the Earth!

May every soul on earth pray to and sing praise to You

so a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit –

of You, O Holy Spirit!

Fall upon us!

Enflame us!

Encourage us!

Fill us with the TRUTH, LIGHT, LIFE and LOVE

in the midst of this present darkness.


Come as Our Advocate! Our Defense Attorney!

Our Champion who pleads our cause and defends us against the “accuser” – the enemy who accuses us night and day – saying we’re not good enough, we’re not loveable, we can’t be forgiven, it’s hopeless, we need to live in fear, etc.


Come, O Holy Spirit, Come!

Renew our minds, our hearts, our souls and our bodies!

Renew our families and young people!

Renew our parishes, communities, friends!

Renew our cities, states, countries, world!

Renew Your Holy Church, O Lord!


Renew us, O Lord!

Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Renew the Face of the Earth!

May the fire of Your Love fall upon us and pour into us and through us and stay with us and in us!

Enflame us with Your Power and Love to do Your Most Holy Will

To fulfill the plan You created us for

Each of us uniquely

Each of us an irreplaceable reflection of Your Love and Glory

Each of us a sign of Your Presence that no one else could be

… can be

May my every breath and heart beat be in praise of You, O God!

May every soul come to know You and love You and serve You!

May every soul repent and believe and be baptized for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

The Kingdom of Heaven is You, O Lord, ALIVE AND LIVING in our midst!

You are the WAY – and so every step we taken

in and through You (even hesitant, failing steps) are Heaven!

What a glorious, wondrous Reality!

Come, O Holy Spirit, Come!

Amen! Alleluia!


© Janet Moore 2021. All Rights Reserved.