Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Rosary - Wrapped in the Arms of Mary

I wanted to share with you one of the most beautiful gifts of my life -- one of my dearest devotions.  It is the Rosary – it is a simple prayer of Our Fathers and Hail Marys and Glory Bes that we pray as we think about the life of Jesus.  Intermixed and despite times of dryness, I experience the presence of Jesus and Mary with me, especially when I turn to them in prayer. 

Just as Mary comforted Jesus as a child, she seeks to comfort us and wrap her arms around us, especially when we feel alone or are struggling.  The Rosary is a way we can draw close to Jesus and Mary and feel their presence.  As we pray and consider the events in the life of Jesus and Mary, we get to know them better and draw closer to them.  And of course, the more we spend time with someone, the closer we feel to them and the more we become like them. 

Praying the Rosary is like being intimately united with our Heavenly Mother and our Savior Jesus.  It is like being wrapped in their embrace and being given a taste a heaven, pondering the Lord of Heaven becoming a man.  Mary tells us she longs to wrap us in her mantle of grace – not only to wrap us in her motherly protection, but also to clothe us in this grace, beauty and mercy that her Son gave to us. 

Sometimes it’s far from easy to pray, but if I only begin – and if I continue regardless of whether I feel like it … it becomes easier.  The best part is when we forget all about ourselves because our thoughts are centered on an event in Christ’s life, such as imagining his coming into this world.  Just imagine! The God of all creation, who made the moon and the stars and all the planets … the One who created all men and women, every bird, tree, animal and plant … this God who created life out of nothing, asked a young virgin girl (through an angel) to be his mother.  When she said yes, the whole world changed forever!!!

This God who created the light in the darkness, became a child in the womb of his own creation.  And he grew inside of her as a normal child would –He brought His light into the darkness of Mary’s womb, but was already shedding His light on the whole world – on every child ever born – by incorporating our human nature into His divine life! 

Such an incredible mystery to ponder!

All the mysteries are the same in this way … even if we pondered them our whole lives, we would still know only a glimpse of their greatness and the graces that they hold.

They are simple and shallow enough to splash in the waves coming to the shores; and yet, far deeper than our minds can ever fathom.  

O Mary, be with us and lead us into the mysteries of our salvation. 

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Copyright 10-2-2014 Janet Moore


  1. Such a wonderful testimony on the Holy Rosary, thanks, Janet!